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Our collection of wedding rings encapsulates the strength, durability and endlessness of our Arctic oceans. The rings can be made from yellow gold or white gold.
All our wedding rings are custom made in our workstudio in Tromsø. If you want to personalize your rings, we gladly would look at solutions together with you.

Stated prices are for a pair of wedding rings.

At our jewellery studio you can make your own wedding rings, in a pleasant atmosphere and with good help from one of our jewellers.


Our helpful tips

Our colletion of Wedding rings are made for a long lasting life together. We have made an effort to make those comfortable to wear. In all our rings the inside is rounded, which makes even our wide rings feel very comfortable.

Personalized jewellery

If you want to make a personal touch to your rings, we will be delighted to design the rings together with you. We then produce the rings in close dialogue with you, either you visit us in our studio or we communicate by phone and e-mail. This to make sure the result will be as promised. You can read more about our “Personalized jewellery” further below.

If you want to make an appointment, send an e-mail to: post@wabisabi.no.

Our “Bespoke Workshop”

What is more romantic than getting down on your knees with a ring that you have made for your chosen one?  Follow the link to “Bespoke Workshop” further down if you want to join us in the workshop for a few hours and create truly unique wedding rings.

Download our brochure for workshop on wedding rings.

The carat of gold

In Norway, it is most common to work with 14 carat gold. These are stamped with 585. If you want 18 carats (750), which is most common in many other countries, we will make the rings in this carat for you. Do you want to add a diamond or two – we will fulfill your wishes.

How to measure your rings?

The optimal way to measure your rings is to use a ring goal, which you normally will find at a jewellery boutique. If you visit our studio we will help you find the right measure. Sometimes this might be a problem for you, in one way or another. In this case you can follow the link to “how to measure the ring” further down for good tips and helpful tools. If we get the precious / honorable mission to make your wedding rings we will not consider the assignment completed until the rings fit perfectly.

Our production time

Our collection of wedding rings can be made within 14 days. Ring with a personal touch can be made within 4 – 6 weeks. Do you have special wishes we will do our best to meet them. Please, do not hesitate to ask.

Wedding rings made by heritage gold

Gold is too precious to be hidden. We believe that it deserves to be worn. Let us help you give it a new start and create beautiful wedding rings that you will wear with pride of your heritage gold. See the link to “gold recycling” further down.

Our traditions

For many, it is natural to wear the engagement ring on the left hand – the hand closest to the heart. But is it really common?

Internationally there are no rules for which hand to wear the engagement ring. The engagement ring is actually the sign of a pact between a couple before marriage. Old tradition in Norway is to wear both the engagement ring and the wedding ring at right hand. Some people tend to have the engagement ring on the left hand and move it over to the right hand at the time of marriage. Other couple choose to buy new wedding rings when they band together.