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Please familiarize yourself with the agreement and the terms and conditions before placing an order in our online store.

This purchase is governed by standard terms of sale for consumer purchases of goods over the Internet. The contract is drawn up and recommended used by the Consumer Authority in Norway (https://www.forbrukertilsynet.no/english). Purchases over the Internet are mainly regulated by the Agreements Act, the Consumer Purchases Act, the Marketing Act, the Undertaking Act and the Ecommerce Act , and these laws give consumers basic rights. The terms of the contract are not to be construed as a limitation of statutory rights, but constitute the main rights and obligations of the parties to the trade. Wabi Sabi may choose to offer the Buyer better terms than set forth in these Terms of Sale.

In cases where the contract does not directly provide the solution to a problem, the contract must be completed with relevant legal provisions.


The agreement between the buyer and Wabi Sabi consists of the information Wabi Sabi provides about the purchase in the order solution in the online store (including information on the nature, quantity, quality, other characteristics, price and terms of delivery), any direct correspondence between the parties (eg e-mail ) as well as these terms of sale. In the event of conflict between the information Wabi Sabi has provided about the purchase in the ordering solution in the online store, direct correspondence between the parties and the terms of the sales terms, direct correspondence between the parties and the information given in the ordering solution precedes the terms of sale, unless it is contrary to binding legislation.

The Parties


Company name: Wabi Sabi AS
Contact address: Grønnegata 3 B
Visiting address: Peder Hansens gate 4 B
E-mail: annmerete@wabisabi.no
Phone number: + 47 412 00 151
Organization number: NO 915 529 224 VAT

The buyer is the person who makes the order.


All orders on Wabi Sabi Jewelery’s online store are processed and stored in our customer system. The following information about you will be stored: Name, delivery address, invoice address and order history. You can choose whether you create a user profile on our online store, which gives you access to order history and which makes it easier for future ordering. If you choose to create an account, ensure your security through a secure password. If for any reason you have reason to believe that outsiders have accessed your account contact us immediately. If you want to delete your user profile, please contact us by e-mail: post@wabisabi.no.


The prices, which are stated in the online store, include VAT.

Information on the total costs the buyer must pay, including all fees

(VAT, customs duties, etc.) and delivery costs (freight, postage, invoice fee, packaging etc.) and specification of the individual elements of the total price, are given in the ordering solution before ordering is made. (Goods deliveries to Svalbard or Jan Mayen shall be sold without the addition of value added tax ) .

For uncollected packages that incur costs for Wabi Sabi, all additional costs will be charged to the customer. This includes shipping costs, VAT and fees and other costs related to this.

Order confirmation

An order in our online store is executed after the items in the cart are placed in the order, payment information is added, shipping conditions are confirmed and the order is accepted (check out). The order is not completed until you have received order confirmation from Wabi Sabi.

Once Wabi Sabi has received the Buyer’s order, Wabi Sabi shall, without undue delay, confirm the order by sending an order confirmation to the Buyer. If you have not received an email with order confirmation from us within 24 hours, please contact us at post@wabisabi.no.

It is recommended that the buyer verifies that the order confirmation matches the order with respect to the number, type of product, price, etc.. If it is a mismatch between the order and the order confirmation, the buyer should contact Wabi Sabi as soon as possible.

The agreement

The agreement is binding on both parties when the buyer’s order is received by Wabi Sabi.

However, one party is not bound by the agreement if there is a typo or typo in the offer from the seller in the ordering section of the online store or in the buyer’s order, and the other party realized or should have realized that there was such a mistake.


Wabi Sabi may claim payment for the item from the time it is shipped from Wabi Sabi to the buyer.

We accept Vipps (in Norway), Klarna , Mastercard, Visa and PayPal.

Buyers under the age of 18 can only pay directly at Wabi Sabi’s delivery of the goods or upon delivery of the goods by mail order.

Delivery / Shipping

Delivery of the goods from Wabi Sabi to the buyer takes place in the manner, at the place and at the time specified in the order section in the online store.

Wabi Sabi jewelry is handcrafted and manufactured in Tromsø, Norway. Items we have in stock will ship 2 to 5 days after ordering. Custom made jewelry are manufactured to order and shipped 5 – 10 days after ordering. These items are labeled “custom made” in the online store.

Goods in Norway are shipped with Bring and international shipments are shipped with DHL Express to the specified delivery address. You will receive shipping details by e-mail, Including tracking number that allows you to follow the item movements during transport. Our jewelery is shipped from Tromsø, Norway .

Customs duties, VAT and fees

All our shipments are sent as DDP (Delivery Duty Paid). That is, VAT and import fees are included in the final price of the order. Therefore, you will not receive any extra costs beyond what is stated on the order confirmation.

Jewelry processing

Wabi Sabi works with 925 sterling silver, 585 (14 carat) gold, 750 (18 carat) gold, gemstones and diamonds.

In the philosophy behind “Wabi Sabi” there is a beautiful Japanese saying that the beauty lies in a lived life. Throughout life, you will experience things that leave traces, great experiences and some difficult ones. They leave traces. We are not looking to create a shiny image of a piece of jewelry. We seek to find the beauty of the little details that give the jewelry its own expression.

We make jewelry meant for everyday use, so wear them with pride. Marks will appear as a result of the jewelry being used – let these become part of your story.


If you have chosen a brushed surface, it will be polished by use. This is especially true for rings that have a greater wear than other jewelry. If your rings look too polished, most jewelers will be able to brush the surface to recreate the finish the jewelry originally had.


Silver oxidizes and needs to be polished. This process can be postponed by proper storage. An airtight plastic bag is recommended for the silver jewelry when not in use.

White Gold:

White gold is 585 (14 carat gold). The white color comes from the metal palladium in the gold alloy, rather than the copper used in yellow gold. Often our customers want to get white gold jewelry rhodium plated. Rhodium provides the white shiny surface for which white gold is known.

Over time, the Rhodium plating will wear off. Most jewellers will be able to Rhodium plate your jewelry again.

Rings are more exposed to wear than other jewelry.


We use gemstones and semi-precious stones in our jewelry. Both semi-precious and precious stones are minerals found in nature. The difference between a gemstone and a semi-precious gemstone is in hardness and transparency.

Soap and other chemicals can damage the stone’s surface. If you want to preserve the shine and the beauty of the stone – protect it from mechanical and chemical damage. https://snl.no/edelstener

Certificate and ethical guidelines

All our diamonds are imported to Norway with Kimberley certificate. These certificates document  that the diamonds are mined under ethical conditions. They also ensure that the diamonds were not used for money laundering or to help finance conflicts or warfare.

Risk of the item

The risk of the goods passes to you as the buyer when the goods have been taken over by you in accordance with the agreement. If the delivery time has come and you fail to take over an item placed at your disposal under the agreement, you still have the risk of loss or damage to the item . Uncollected items are returned after 14 days, at your expense.

Returns and refunds

If you would like to exchange your jewelry with another piece of jewelry / other size, please send us an e-mail: post@wabisabi.no and follow the instructions you receive by e-mail from us. You will receive information on the procedure for returning the item to us.

Returning an item

If you wish to use it by the right of withdrawal, please give us written feedback by e-mail: post@wabisabi.no , within 14 days after you receive the item. Please return the item immediately after you receive a return confirmation from us, and no later than 14 days after return confirmation. Enter order number for all communication with us. Upon return of goods, the entire purchase price will be returned to you within 14 days after Wabi Sabi has received the item . Shipping costs on return are not covered by Wabi Sabi.

You have the possibility to inspect the product before deciding to withdraw from a purchase. However, the item must be returned to Wabi Sabi in the same condition and quantity as it was when you received it . The item is returned to Wabi Sabi in the original packaging / jewelry box.

Item shipped:

Wabi Sabi AS
Grønnegata 3 B
9008 Tromsø

Send us tracking number so we can track the package. You as the buyer are responsible for the goods until we receive the goods . We will contact you as soon as we have received the item for appointment of repayment.

We’re unable to return ” custom made ” jewelry.

Electronic gift card

Wabi Sabi’s electronic gift cards are available in any amount at wabisabi.no, and expire after one year. Our gift cards will not be replaced upon loss. Gift certificates cannot be exchanged for cash. Electronic gift cards are non-refundable.


Warranty provided by Wabi Sabi gives you rights in addition to the rights you already have under mandatory law. A guarantee therefore does not limit your right to a complaint and claims in the event of delay or defects.

Examination of the item

When you receive the item, we recommend that you check whether the item complies with the order, whether it was damaged during shipment or if it is otherwise missing. If the item does not match the order or missing, immediately notify the Wabi Sabi by a complaint via e-mail: post@wabisabi.no .


If there is a defect in the item, you must notify Wabi Sabi within a reasonable time after discovering it. Complaints deadline at Wabi Sabi jewelry is two years.

Conflict Resolution

The parties shall endeavor to resolve any disputes in amicable terms. You can contact the Consumer Authority for assistance in any dispute with Wabi Sabi. If an amicable settlement is not reached after mediation in the Consumer Authority, the parties may request the dispute to be processed by the Consumer Disputes Committee.

Decisions by the Consumer Disputes Committee shall be lawful four weeks after notification. Before the decision is legally enforceable, the parties may, by submitting a petition to the Consumer Disputes Committee, bring the decision before the district court.

See Act of April 28, 1978 No. 18 on the handling of consumer disputes. (Norwegian law)

Purchases of goods from Wabi Sabi are in accordance with Norwegian law, and any conflicts must therefore be taken within the Norwegian court.

Personal information

Unless you agree to anything else, Wabi Sabi may only collect and store the personal information necessary for Wabi Sabi to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement. The personal information of a buyer under 15 years of age cannot be obtained unless Wabi Sabi has the consent of the elderly or guardians.
Your personal information should only be disclosed to others if it is necessary for Wabi Sabi to execute the agreement with you, or in statutory cases. Wabi Sabi can only obtain your Social Security number if there is a substantive need for secure identification and such retrieval is required.

If Wabi Sabi wants to use your personal information for other purposes, for example to send you advertisements or information beyond what is necessary to execute the agreement, Wabi Sabi must obtain your consent at the conclusion of the agreement. Wabi Sabi must provide you with information about what personal information is used for and about who should use the personal information. Your consent must be voluntary and given by active action, for example by checking. You should easily be able to contact Wabi Sabi , for example by phone or email if you have any questions about Wabi Sabi’s use of personal information or if you want Wabi Sabi to delete or change your personal information.

Buyer’s rights in case of delay

If Wabi Sabi does not deliver the goods or delivers it according to agreement and this is not due to you as a buyer or conditions on your part, you can withhold the purchase price, demand fulfillment, cancel the agreement and claim compensation from Wabi Sabi.


If Wabi Sabi does not deliver the item at the time of delivery, you can maintain the purchase and set a reasonable supplementary deadline for fulfillment from Wabi Sabi. However, you cannot claim fulfillment if there is an obstacle that Wabi Sabi can not overcome or if fulfillment will cause such a great disadvantage or cost to Wabi Sabi that it is substantially disproportionate to your interest in Wabi Sabi compliance. If the difficulties fall away within a reasonable time, you may require fulfillment.


As a buyer, you can terminate the agreement with Wabi Sabi if the delay is significant or if Wabi Sabi does not deliver the goods within the additional fulfillment deadline you have set. However, you cannot cancel the agreement while the additional deadline is running, unless Wabi Sabi has stated that they will not fulfill within the deadline.


As a buyer you can claim compensation for losses you suffer as a result of delay from Wabi Sabi side. If so, you must report claims to Wabi Sabi in the event of a complaint.

Buyer’s rights in the event of a defect

If the item has a defect and this is not due to you as a buyer or relationship on your part,

you can withhold the purchase price, choose between correction and delivery, demand a price reduction, demand the agreement terminated and compensation from Wabi Sabi.

Correction or redelivery :

If the item has a defect, you may require Wabi Sabi to correct the defect or deliver the corresponding item. Wabi Sabi may oppose your claim if the execution of the claim is impossible or incur unreasonable costs to Wabi Sabi . Wabi Sabi shall make the correction or delivery within a reasonable time. Correction or redelivery must be made at no cost to you as a buyer, without the risk that you will not be able to cover their expenses and without any significant inconvenience to you. Wabi Sabi cannot make more than two attempts at rectification or redelivery for the same defect, unless there are special reasons that make further attempts reasonable.

Even if you do not require a correction or a reassignment, Wabi Sabi can offer a correction or a reassignment if this is done without delay. If Wabi Sabi provides such correction or delivery, you cannot claim a discount or withdrawal.

Price reduction:

If the defect is not rectified or delivered, you may require a proportionate price reduction.


Instead of price reductions, you can cancel the agreement, except when the deficiency is insignificant.


As a buyer, you can also claim compensation for financial loss you suffer as a result of the item being defective. If so, you must report claims to Wabi Sabi in the event of a complaint.

The rules on complaints apply in addition to, and independently of, the rules on cancellation rights and any guarantees provided by Wabi Sabi.

Seller’s rights in the event of buyer’s default

If you as a buyer do not pay or fulfill the other obligations under the agreement and this is not due to Wabi Sabi or circumstances on Wabi Sabi’s part, Wabi Sabi may withhold the goods, demand fulfillment of the agreement, demand the agreement terminated and compensation from you.

Wabi Sabi may also, according to the circumstances, be able to claim interest on late payment, collection fees and fees for unpaid uncollected goods.


If you do not pay, Wabi Sabi can maintain the purchase and demand that you pay the purchase price (fulfillment). If the item is not delivered, Wabi Sabi loses its right if we wait unreasonably long to promote the claim.


In the event of significantly payment default or other material breach by you, Wabi Sabi may terminate the Agreement. However, Wabi Sabi cannot withdrawal after the purchase price has been paid. Wabi Sabi can also cancel the purchase if you do not pay within a reasonable additional fulfillment deadline set by Wabi Sabi. However, Wabi Sabi cannot raise while the additional deadline is running, unless you have said you will not pay.


Wabi Sabi may claim compensation from you as a buyer for any financial loss they suffer as a result of breach of contract by you.

Interest on late payment / collection fee:

If you do not pay the purchase price in accordance with the agreement, Wabi Sabi may claim interest. In the event of non-payment, the claim may, after prior notice, be sent to debt collection, and you may then be held liable for fees.

If the buyer fails to collect unpaid goods, Wabi Sabi can charge you a fee of NOK 50, – + shipping return. The fee will cover at most Wabi Sabi’s actual outlay to deliver the item to you. Such a fee cannot be charged to buyers under 18 years of age.