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Bespoke workshop

Join us in the workshop for a few hours and create something truly unique. Choose a model from our collection and we’ll help you make the piece of your dreams.

What is more romantic than getting down on your knees with a ring that you have made for your chosen one? Or that you and your partner have cast the rings that forever will remind you of your love? Maybe you have a fond memory or a moment of inspiration you want to shape into something physical?

This workshop is perfect for couples and groups of up to four people. The workshop costs 2500 kroner per person. In addition comes the price of gold and possibly stones or diamonds.
You have to calculate about three hours at a workshop. You will work on the jewelry yourself, but will be there to guide you and also take over some tasks if needed.

In addition to rings, we also have models of pendants you can work with.
It is also possible to bring your own gold here, which we can melt down for you.

Bespoke workshop

  • There’s a maximum of 4 people.
    You can change your mind the day of the workshop if you’re not sure what you want to create.