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Gold recycling

There can be many reasons to recycle your gold. Maybe you are in possession of a piece of jewelry that has been important to you, or someone you love, in the past. Maybe you have a ring that no longer fits or has lost its relevance. Maybe you can preserve a piece of history by remelting grandmother’s old gold into a golden heart for the newborn baby.

Gold is too precious to be hidden. We believe that it deserves to be worn. Let us help you give it a new start and create something you will wear with pride.

Send us a request to recycle your gold

When we receive your gold, we measure its weight and test carat and authenticity. Before we start to work with it, you can choose one of our models. If you want something unique, we can also design and work out a new model for you. Usually you need between 5-20 grams of gold to have enough gold for our ring shapes. If you have too little gold compared to what you want, we can supplement with gold.

We work in close dialogue with the customer during the process. This is to ensure that the result is in line with the customer’s wishes. When remelting, you only pay labor costs. Our rates of remelting start at NOK 1,800, – and up. We also have several different gems and diamonds to choose from if you wish.

Your gold is melted in our workshop, and we assure you that it is your gold that will be used in your new jewelry.