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Mother of Pearls

Aggie Frost is an artist, composer and producer in electronic music, hailing from Troms. She is known from the electronica project Frost, but has earned great reviews for her solo album “Mother of Pearls” (2022), with lyrics in her Norwegian dialect, that evolves around life during adulthood – the expectations, the responsibilities – the longing and also the happiness. In collaboration, we have created a beautiful mother-of-pearl piece of jewelry collection – a tribute to everyone who has a motherly role in their everyday life.

is a creative person, whose experience in entrepreneurial life and branding, was very relevant for Wabi Sabi. In 2019 we were lucky enough to get her as a board member of Wabi Sabi. Of course, the fact that she is also a little above average interested in jewelry comes in very handy.

The idea of the design
came to life, with inspiration drawn from her new project, “Mother of Pearl”. Being creative together with likeminded creative souls, with a completely different background and expertise to what we have, is both rewarding and exciting. The design is inspired by the mother-of-pearl shell, which is made up of many layers of microscopic flakes of conchiolin and tiny crystals.


– I think it is a good picture of adult life. There is a lot to master, we are all trying to make to cope with it. We carry many fragile bits of life experience, then glue them together to create a foundation dealing with the tasks ahead. We’re expected to have so many roles, a mother, a daughter, a lover, a friend, a colleague – and an active participant in society, says Aggie Frost. We don’t get it perfect, and that just needs to be okay, she continues.

The philosophy
behind “Mother of Pearl” mirrors our thoughts around our jewelry at Wabi Sabi. Something beautiful can emerge from the fragile and imperfect. We call it “the beauty of the imperfect” – we craft all our jewelry by hand and it’s about finding the right moment to stop in the production process to find the right expression.

– My wish is, that the person who wears any “Mother of Pearl” piece, uses it to create a sense of pride in herself, in everything she achieves and everything she is. Whether she is a mother or care for someone else. Not perfect, but with a loving intention. An important, strong and beautiful Mother of Pearl, in a busy and multi-faceted everyday life, concludes Aggie.

Like all our jewelry, Mother of Pearls is also crafted by hand in our studio in Tromsø. Each item is cast in sand, starting from a wax model. You can choose between silver or gold.

“Mother of Pearl“ is perfect gift for yourself, or as a tribute to an important woman in your life. Any piece of jewelryfrom the “Mother of pearl” collection should be worn with pride and joy – use it as a token, a reminder you that you valuable and loved.