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All Wabi Sabi pieces are made by hand in our workshop in Tromsø. No two items are the same. Everything we craft is unique, a one-off. Like a rock shaped by the churning sea, the silhouette of a rugged arctic mountain ridge.

An urban oasis, surrounded by rugged nature rich in asymmetric shapes, each with their own unique beauty. Our crude, even brutal, climate offers endless drama.

Equally, we live in a lively and playful environment.  A small metropol with access to city life uniqe to a city with the size of ours.

It is in this clash – between untamed and urban, raw and refined, we find something precious. Something we appreciate and bring to life through our handcrafted jewelry. We call it beauty in imperfection.

Far north, in arctic town of Tromsø, is where home is.